SFPD Advisory Board Member Removed for Allegedly Intimidating Supe

A Richmond District resident is no longer advising cops after he scared a politician.

Eric Mar
San Francisco

A volunteer advisor to San Francisco police was removed from office for allegedly intimidating a supervisor, who says he can't recall any intimidation.

Chris Rillo was taken off of the Richmond [District] Community Police Advisory Board for intimidating Supervisor Eric Mar at a community meeting that got "too vocal," according to the San Francisco Examiner. Richmond police station Capt. Eric Vintero made the call to remove Rillo, the newspaper reported.

Rillo, a local resident, says he can't recall being beligerent, as Vintero alleges he was. Mar told the newspaper he has "never been intimidated" in meetings with the advisory board and was not involved in Rillo's removal.

Five other members of the board have since resigned in protest, the newspaper reported. They sent a letter to police Chief Greg Suhr demanding an investigation into the removal.

Police did not comment to the newspaper.

Advisory boards were created in 2009 to help cops solve crime, the newspaper reported.

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