SFPD Raids Journalist’s Home to Find Who Leaked Jeff Adachi Death Report

The San Francisco Police Department reportedly raided the home of a journalist Friday after a police report on the death of Public Defender Jeff Adachi ended up in the hands of various news outlets.

A freelance videographer said he provided a few different news agencies a copy of the report which he obtained from a source.

Officers seized Bryan Carmody’s computers, cell phones and other electronic devices from his home.

SFPD said in a statement, "Today’s actions are one step in the process of investigating a potential case of obstruction of justice along with the illegal distribution of a confidential police report." 

A GoFundMe page in support of Carmody was posted shortly after reports of the raid.

It states in part that, "Bryan was handcuffed the entire time - nearly 7 hours - while police executed their search warrant ... By confiscating the equipment and documents, SFPD has hampered Bryan's ability to exercise his constitutionally protected right to report the news, and threatened his ability to earn a living."

The page was created in an effort to raise $10,000 for the journalist to replace his equipment.

Adachi was found dead inside a San Francisco apartment on Feb. 22.

He served as public defender since 2002 and spent more than 30 years as part of that office.

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