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SFPD Under Fire After Central Station Account ‘Likes' Tweet Mocking George Floyd

San Francisco Police is facing criticism after one of the department's twitter accounts "liked" a social media site with a history of mocking the death of George Floyd.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott responded and added that he is trying to figure out who an official SFPD account would appear to support it.

“The site is disrespectful and disgraceful and personally I find it offensive and disgusting,” he said.

NBC Bay Area has made an editorial decision not to name the site because of its images mocking George Floyd, his death, his race and police use of force.

The operator of the site has already pounced, Goading the SFPD with a new post that read:

"This is a live image of the guy from the SFPD Central who liked my tweet. Isn't he just the greatest!"

San Francisco police commission member John Hamasaki said the social media scandal raises new questions about the progress the department is making in addressing a checkered history of racism within its ranks.

“The history that has existed here with members of the department engaged in racist texting and social media; it challenges the reform work that we've done,” he said.

During the police commission meeting, Scott said liking that twitter post is a violation of department social media policy.

Scott added that he launched an internal disciplinary investigation, and the department of police accountability has also launched a parallel investigation.

“It's not just about finding the individual perpetrator here, but addressing the culture that people think that being on these pages is okay,” Hamasaki said.

According to Scott, the commander at SFPD’s Central Station had the Twitter handler "unlike" the controversial post and during the commission meeting, he also offered a full apology.

“I want to say emphatically that I apologize to the public, Mr. Floyd's family and friends for this incident and any anguish that it has caused,” he said.

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