SF's 311 Service Turns to Facebook

San Francisco's rep for staying ahead of a few curves -- political, green, tech -- is well served with a new Facebook application for its 311 service. Leveraging the city's existing 258,000 or so fans should make for an impressive adoption of the app.

Also reported in the Gate, the FB page allows users to submit service requests for pothole repair, graffiti removal or other civic outages, malfunctions and complaints.

The ease of use should see a spike in requests. A spike in city action may be difficult, given the tough economy and budgetary times. But at least it's all there, in one easy visit.

Remember that any information can and will be used in their social graph, so keep it clean and, like always, don't post anything you wouldn't have read in front of your grandmother. Users can share their profiles to keep track of their requests, as well.

A bonus: most all city departments are friended on the page, so users can come for the potholes, but stay for the zoo page. Or the police page or the arts commission.

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