SF's Next Mayor Could be a Cabbie

San Francisco's mayoral race is usually a colorful list of whose who.

But this latest edition of "who wants to be a mayor" is relatively tame by most accounts. An initial list of 35 candidates is down to about 16.

And as last Friday's deadline to collect 10,096 signatures or to collect 20 signatures and pay $5,048 to declare for the mayoral race came and went, one last minute entry may come as a surprise.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that a San Francisco cab driver not too happy with how the City has been treating people in his profession has declared his candidacy for mayor.

Emil Lawrence did not collect the 10,096 signatures, so instead he paid the $5,048 required to run. He has no website or social media presence -- yet -- but onlinecandidateforums.info says it is waiting for him to accept an invitation to post his views on its site.

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