SF’s Ocean Beach Trashed After Labor Day Weekend

The droves of people who visited Ocean Beach in San Francisco over the holiday weekend certainly left their mark -- in the form of trash.

Garbage cans were overflowing, and trash could be seen strewn across the sand and parking lot at the popular beach.

Visitor Jessica Feeney was worried about what 2-year-old Violet might find.

"There's trash all around," she said. "I had the feeling: Should she be walking in the sand? Is there gonna be broken glass? People don't clean up what they bring in. It's such a shame."

Record temperatures attracted big crowds to Ocean Beach starting on Friday and continuing through Labor Day. Park rangers said they spent their mornings picking up garbage, and maintenance crews made extra trash pickups. But there's still a lot to clean up.

Carlie Kennedy and her family came from Sacramento to cool off. She was disappointed to see the beach trashed but relieved to see some people picking up.

"There were people walking around with trash bags," Kennedy said. "Nice to see; don't see that all the time."

A beach cleanup hosted by the Surfrider Foundation is scheduled at Ocean Beach on Sept. 16.

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