San Jose

Sharks Owner Sues VTA Over BART Extension Issues

Sharks Sports and Entertainment filed a suit against the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority over the BART extension parking and construction issues.

The suit filed Thursday demands the VTA to immediately stop work on the BART extension project in Downtown San Jose until the agency address how the contruction will distrub the events at the SAP Center. 

The entertainment company also said it doesn't believe the VTA adequately planned to make up for the parking spots that will be lost when the new Diridon BART extension is finished, which could be a problem for people who attend the events at the Shark Tank.

"We have been pushing VTA for more than two years to work with us on these issues without success. We did not take this decision lightly," Co-President of the Sharks Sports and Entertainment John Tortora said in a statement.

The VTA said it won't be making any statement on the lawsuit.

Last week, BART approved the plan to extend its services to downtown San Jose and Santa Clara using a single bore tennel instead of a double bore. Now, it's up to the VTA to get the $1.5 billion in federal funds to help cover the cost of the $4.7 billion project.

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