Sheeps? Really Max Levchin

PayPal founder explains life post PayPal to Press: Here

He helped launch Yelp, was an executive producer for the indy hit "Thank You for Not Smoking" and walked out with a cool $34 million when PayPal, which he also help co-found, was purchased. So what did Max Levchin do for an encore?

He created a Facebook game that allows you to count sheep of course. What were you thinking? The young Ukrainian entrepreneur has actually done a lot more since he made million off PayPal but creating digital sheep is one thing that sticks out on the 33-year-old's resume.

"People really love to express themselves," he said. "And the emergence of social media shifted the tectonic plates of  select few broadcasters tell what is and what its about and ultimately to entertain the world into much more of everyone is an editor and everyone is a creator culture and I believe the business to offer tools to the world who have the inclination to entertain the world , but don't actually have the means is actually very powerful."

Okay. Millions of people have downloaded his application so he must know what he is talking about. Levchin spoke with Press: Here on Friday. Check out a clip of his interview here or visit Press: Here's Web site for the full interview or watch the show on Sunday at 9am on NBC Bay Area.

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