Show and Tell at This Year's Maker Faire Bay Area

The Maker Faire Bay Area is here! A place where techies, artists, craftsmen and inventors showcase their latest work.

More than 1 million people experience the innovative celebration in 44 countries every year, and the Bay Area Maker Faire is the biggest.

Running from May 18 to May 20 in San Mateo, the 13th annual event will feature over 1,200 curated projects across music, art, science, health, robotic and more.

[BAY DSJ] Maker Faire Returns to the Bay Area

"Maker Faire celebrates innovative hands-on learning and sharing, which inspires us to see ourselves as makers of the future,” explained Dale Dougherty, CEO of Make: and Maker Faire. “We all have the ability to make things, to use tools to solve problems.”

People of all ages are invited to experience the very latest of virtual reality, 3D printing and futuristic fashion, among other things.

This year, a diverse mix of makers and projects from places like China, Japan, Italy, Guatemala, Turkey and Mexico, among others, will be featured.

Tickets for Maker Faire are on sale at with options of purchasing single day or weekend passes.

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