Sierra LaMar

Jury Continues to Mull Fate of Man in Sierra LaMar Trial

Jurors on Monday returned to the Santa Clara Hall of Justice to continue deliberations in the trial that accuses a Morgan Hill man of killing 15-year-old Sierra LaMar five years ago.

A verdict could be decided as soon as Monday or weeks away, and, if found guilty, accused killer Antolin Garcia-Torres could face the death penalty. If the jury decides that Garcia-Torres is not guilty, he can not be retried even if new evidence appears.

LaMar disappeared back in 2012 as she journeyed to a nearby school bus stop. Garcia-Torres is accused of snatching her and killing her, but the teenager's body has not been found.

Prosecutors point to LaMar's DNA being found in Garcia-Torres' car and his DNA being found on the teenager's clothes as clear links that pin him to her disappearance and possible murder. The defense team claims LaMar was a runaway teen who may still be alive.

Following a three month trial, deliberations officially kicked off last Thursday and continued Friday with a half-day session. Monday marked the first full day of deliberation.

Full-day deliberation will last from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with breaks in between.

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