Sierra LaMar's Family Launches Website

The family takes control of on-line information about their missing daughter.

Sierra LaMar's family has a new tool they hope will help bring the 15-year-old from Morgan Hill home to them.

They launched a website called The family said the Find Sierra LaMar webpage was created for public awareness and community involvement and it is dedicated to the search and safe return of Sierra.
It is filled with family photos of the teenager who has not been seen since March 16. It also has a way to download fliers, and shows in detail the few clues that have been found connected to her disappearance.

Santa Clara County investigators have put thousands of man hours into searching for Sierra and have found only her cell phone and her Juicy brand handbag which were discovered the first weekend she disappeared alongside a road near her house.

The site purpose statement reads like this:

Sierra is a loving friend, sister, daughter and inspiration to everyone who has gotten the chance to meet her. She is a confident teenager who stands up for not only herself but others as well. At times she may put on the tough girl act but really she is a very compassionate and motivated young girl. She likes to help those in need and isn’t afraid to branch out of her inner circle. She loves to dance and cheer making everyone who watches her smile. Most of all, Sierra can make almost anyone laugh and loves being a goof. She is a sophomore in high school and still has so much to contribute to this world, so let’s bring her home!!!

There is also a touching letter from Sierra's big sister Danielle.

It has been a month too long and you are on my mind every second of the day. I miss being weird and goofy with you. I miss mimicking everything you do and laughing until we pract
ically pee our pants. I miss hearing you call me sissy, just like you’ve been calling me since you were a baby. I miss making fun of mom and dad with you. I miss yelling at you for making a mess in the bathroom and borrowing my clothes. I miss teasing you about boys and confiding in you with my own problems even though your 6 years younger than me. I miss you blasting your rap music in my car and you making fun of me for listening to country. I miss saying our “phrases” that we would only say around each other and laughing at stupid stuff that isn’t funny to anyone but us. I miss hearing you rap to Nicki Minaj and Drake. I miss all your weird crazy laughs and your feisty personality. I miss everything about you. I know your strong and you will fight until we bring you home. I will never lose hope and will pray you make your way home safe until you do. I love you so much lil sister and can’t wait to see you again.
-Danielle LaMar, Sister

Some 3,500 people have volunteered with the KlaasKids foundation to help police search for Sierra. Another 200 people spent this rainy Wednesday searching for clues.

The search continues daily for investigators with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department. The volunteer search will continue as well on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

The public can register for the volunteer search between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m at Burnett Elementary at 85 Tilton Ave. Searchers must be 18 years old.

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