Breweries Host ‘Resilience Night' to Support Camp Fire Victims

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has finally released its new specialty beer created to help raise money for a Northern California community destroyed by the state's deadliest wildfire last month.

Around 1,400 breweries across the country will host a "Resilience Night" Thursday and raise a glass of California-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's new specialty IPA called Resilience Butte County Proud. Sierra Nevada is based in Butte County, where the devastating wildfire led to the deaths of 86 people.

The wildfire started Nov. 8, forcing thousands to flee and leaving several people unaccounted for.

"Every dollar spent on Resilience will benefit those impacted by the Camp Fire," Sierra Nevada said in a statement. The company said it expect to raise at least $10 million in sales for the victims.

More than 60 breweries and bars across the Bay Area will be participating. Check the map below to find a location near you.

Sierra Nevada shared the recipe for the citrus-flavored beer so that breweries could make it locally.

"When (Sierra Nevada) made the call out to breweries around the country to come forward to help out the situation, we saw an overwhelming response," said Lawrence brewer Geoff Deman told the Associated Press.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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