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Ask any leader in any industry: Education is the key to advancement. But in today's highly specific job market, what course of study we choose and how that curriculum pertains to the career we inevitably pursue can make all the difference.

Nowhere is this adage more applicable than in the ever growing Biotechnology and Life Sciences sectors, where hands on skills enable you to put theory into practice. 

Ohlone College understands the value of job training. Thanks to a faculty of fully-trained scientists, small class sizes and a hands-on, project based curriculum, Ohlone students are able to acquire the necessary skills to gain employment in a lab in less than two years. Or, for students interested in continuing their biotech studies, Ohlone--rated one of the top 10 colleges in the state for university transfer--is the perfect springboard to earning a degree from a four-year academic institution. 

But Ohlone degrees extend beyond the Life Sciences. For nearly 50 years, Ohlone's acclaimed faculty (all with impressive real world experience) has educated students with job training courses in high growth, high employment fields, from Engineering to Broadcast Journalism, Geographic Information Systems to Video Game Development. 

Tech has become a particularly popular course of study. Because of its renowned Computer Science program, Ohlone remains the first place Bay Area technology businesses look to fill critical IT positions in their workforce. In fact, Ohlone has been a Regional Training Academy for Cisco for more than 10 years, not only training network professionals but also training other schools to be Cisco Academies.

So whether you're interested in earning a degree, acquiring new skills as you prepare for career entry, want to transfer to a university or enhance your current skill set, Ohlone College is the institution for you.

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