Northern California

Signs of Second Gold Rush Popping Up Throughout Northern California

Shimmers of gold are flowing through Northern California once again.

SF Gate has attributed the appearance of such riches to substantial rainfall earlier this year, which exposed the land’s hidden treasures. The unearthed gold has attracted many miners.

Co-owner of Gold Prospecting Adventures, Bryant Shock, told SF Gate that he believes that there has been a 25-percent spike in Northern California miners.

If looking to try your luck though, do not count on it being easy.

Many who are digging through the dirt are keeping their spots under wraps. This should come as no surprise, as one digger found a nugget worth around $400,000 in 2014.

When discussing the topic with SF Gate, President of Shasta Miners and Prospectors Association Diana Clayton summed up a miner’s mindset when it came to sharing information: “That’s like asking fishermen where they found their best catch!”

If lack of local knowledge does not deter you, access will.

Clayton also shared with the news source that many suspect the best finds are nuzzled in the Oroville Dam. Unfortunately, the Bureau of Land Management has deemed this area unreachable, a consequence of flooding.

Still, Live Science has reported that areas lining the Feather and Yuba River are harboring hopeful miners, each a small vein stemming from the dam.

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