Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Silicon Valley Company Employee Among Hundreds Killed in Ukraine

NBC Universal, Inc.

A number of Silicon Valley companies have employees and engineers who live and work from Ukraine and on Sunday, one of them was killed along with her two children. 

Tatiana Perebeinis and her two children who were trying to evacuate the suburb of Irpin, on the edge of Kyviv, when they were killed along with another civilian.

The Palo Alto based Se Ranking posted on Facebook that she was their chief accountant who lived there.

“There are no words to describe our grief or to mend our pain,” read a post. “But for us, it is crucial to not let Tania and her kids Alise and Nikita remain just statistics. Her family became the victim of the unprovoked fire on civilians, which under any law is a crime against humanity.”

The UN said Tuesday that at least 474 civilians have been killed, including 29 children in Ukraine.

Western leaders are trying to push back without inciting direct military conflict with Russia -- ruling out a no-fly zone.

Poland now says it'll give Ukraine fighter jets to help defend themselves, but it wants the U.S. to get them into the country.

The Pentagon casted doubt on that -- signaling concern that flying planes into Ukraine could drag the U.S. and allies into the war.

It comes as U.S. intelligence officials testified on Capitol Hill about Putin's state of mind.

"I think Putin is angry and frustrated right now,” said CIA Director William Burns. “He's likely to double down and try to grind down the Ukrainian military with no regard for civilian casualties."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy got a standing ovation from the UK Parliament, evoking Winston Churchill during WWII as he vowed Ukraine will fight to the end.

The U.S. State Department has urged Americans not to travel to Ukraine but said those who ignore the guidance should draft a will and leave DNA samples behind to identify themselves.

This comes after reports that Americans are traveling to Ukraine to help fight the Russian invasion.

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