Silicon Valley “Gateway” Helps Veterans Transition

Helping soldiers re-enter civilian life

As we honor our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day, a website is making sure the thousands of veterans who return home from battle alive are not forgotten.  Warrior Gateway uses technology to help returning soldiers with the next step of their difficult journey:  Easing their return back into society.

For the soldier, along with his or her friends, loved ones, and family members, this can be a very tough time.  Emotions are high, and the transition to civilian life is known to be difficult.  Warrior Gateway (which can be found on the website gives Veterans the tools they need to help make the transition a little smoother.  Less paperwork, fewer things to keep track of, and fewer websites to visit.

Warrior Gateway comes to us from a non-profit group called Business Executives for National Security.  They're in charge of running the site, and to make things as smooth as possible, they chose a Silicon Valley company - MarkLogic- to take care of the software inside.

With MarkLogic handling the social networks, geo location, health services, etc., returning soldiers have a smoother time navigating through their return home.  Government on-line resources are not, frankly,  known for their ease of use.  By turning to local technology, the Warrior Gateway site aims for something easier.  A smooth transition back home.

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