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‘You Never Know': Woman Discusses Viral Tweet That Helped Silicon Valley Homeless Man Land a Job

A Silicon Valley homeless man's job search that went viral over the summer was featured in a segment Thursday on STEVE.

tweet posted July 27 by Jasmine Scofield showed Dave Casarez standing at an intersection in Mountain View holding a sign that read: "HOMELESS HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS TAKE A RESUME."

The tweet went viral, garnering over 138,000 retweets and nearly 2,000 comments.

"Sometimes the smallest gesture can change your life," Steve Harvey said to begin the segment on his show.

In a video message to Scofield, Casarez said he is grateful.

"Jasmine, thanks to you my life has gone crazy in the best way imagine able," Casarez said.

Casarez recently announced he is now a software engineer for California-based White Fox Defense, a drone airspace defense company.

Scofield in a video message aired on STEVE said she was inspired what Casarez was doing to better himself. She provided the following message:

"If you see something beautiful or inspiring that touches your heart, share it because you never know whose life it could help and how it can inspire others."

Watch the STEVE segment in the video above.

A single post by a good Samaritan on Twitter has given a homeless unemployed worker new hope. Roz Plater reports.
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