Silicon Valley Tech Titans Among Biggest Charitable Givers

GoPro and Google execs are on the top ten list of charitable donors.

Silicon Valley tech titans live large -- and they write large checks to charity.

Two of the biggest charitable donations made in 2014 came from Bay Area-based technology company executives, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

GoPro founder Nicholas Woodman and his wife Jill donated $500 million in company stock to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the newspaper reported.

And Google co-founder Larry Page gave $177.3 million to the Carl Victor Memorial Foundation.

The GoPro donation actually caused that company's stock to drop seven percent, the newspaper reported, a controversial move made possible only when IPO underwriter JP Morgan allowed the Woodmans to dodge a rule on selling stock.

That's generous, but the top spot is still Mark Zuckerberg's. In 2013, the Facebook CEO and his wife Priscilla Chan donated $1 billion, the newspaper reported.

Those were the biggest gives by someone under 30, but not that the Silicon Valley cash is old money: Woodman is 39 and Page is 41, according to the paper.

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