Silicon Valley Company Makes Oprah's Email Club

Peek offers email on the go for simple people

If Oprah loves you, you know you must be doing something right. Just look at Stedman. He's been with Oprah since 1986 and has not had to work a day since.

That must bode well for Silicon Valley tech company Peek, whose device allows you to check your email almost anywhere and nothing else.

The main thing we did with this thing was we took things away," Peek CEO Amol Sarva. "We saw so many people making gadgets that were meant to be the be all end all of the universe and if you looked at them they were pretty hard to use."

Enter the Peek handheld email device. It looks like a Blackberry but it is meant to deliver your email wherever you are without the intimidation. You can read and write emails and look at pictures or some basic attachments and that is about it.

There is of course a cost to access your email but Sarva told Press Here on Thursday that the company tries to keep the costs to a minimum. It costs $49.95 to get your hands on the basic model and $19.95 on the monthly subscription.

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It is not meant to replace the smart phone but instead to serve people who want access to their emails without having to worry about surfing the web on a 3G network or listening to music while they read their in box.

Time called the device its "gotta have gadget" of the year and Wired Magazine bestowed it with the same honor. Sarva spoke with Press Here on Thursday. Check out a clip from his interview on the left and check out the full interview on Press Here's Web site on Friday. And you can also follow them on Twitter.

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