Siri Doesn't Like ‘Abortion'

Siri seems conflicted when it comes to the word "abortion" -- and, to some, the entire issue of abortion.

"Where is an abortion clinic?" "Where is the nearest abortion clinic?" and "What is an abortion?" all gave the same response: "I didn't/couldn't find any abortion clinics in San Francisco."

It will show a definition of the word "abortion," however, when asked "Define abortion."

Apple has stated that Siri is not intentionally omitting anything from its results.

Apple's voice controlled personal assistant application, is being accused of having an anti-abortion agenda -- at least in San Jose, New York City and Washington, D.C. -- because it can only find anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centers and tells users it has no knowledge of abortion clinics.

Worse, when a reader asked, "Why are you anti-abortion, Siri?" the app answered, "I just am," according to Raw Story

The story goes on to say that while Siri has no problem directing anyone to escort services or strip clubs, Planned Parenthood seems off-limits. We all know that Siri will tell you where to hide a body, where to get marijuana and breast implants, so what makes this subject so taboo?

So far, Apple hasn't responded to questions about the Siri anti-abortion content, so it's unknown if it's just a technical glitch or or deliberate omission by Apple to evade controversy, the Toronto Sun reported. Others have also pointed out that the problem may also lie with search terms -- the words "abortion clinic" may be used by anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centers which is why they come up quickly.

In short, Apple may not have been paying much attention to Web search results or any political fallout. Little did it know that by letting quality control slide they could be embroiled in one of the most hotly debated issues in the country.

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