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Six Gang Members Arrested in Richmond Crackdown on Violent Crime

FBI says the Manor Boys are involved in homicide, human trafficking, drug trafficking, armed robbery and credit card fraud

Six members of a gang in Richmond were arrested Wednesday as part of a crackdown on violent crime in the East Bay city.

A task force teaming Richmond police with the FBI also seized a host of guns during the arrests. Investigators said the gang known as the Manor Boys has been linked to more than a dozen violent crimes throughout the Bay Area in the past year, including three homicide investigations.

The most recent homicide connected to the gang is the shooting death of 20-year-old Allie Sweitzer. She was shot and killed in Richmond in May. Police said it occurred during a drug deal with members of the Manor Boys.

On Monday, a teenager was arrested in that case and one other suspect is still wanted.

In addition to murder, police said the gang is involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking, armed robbery and credit card fraud.

"I give a warning to the other ones out there that you better start looking over your shoulder because they’re coming," FBI Special Agent in Charge John Bennett said. "It’s not going to be something that we are going to announce. It's going to be slowly taking apart all these gangs as we find them."

Investigators are now asking for help to track down two brothers, Teari and Josha Watts, who have been linked to violent crimes.

Police said the Manor Boys have been known in the area for decades, and their crimes have become more violent and more frequent.

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