SJ City College Student Meeting Addresses Post-Election Fears

Administrators at San Jose City College called a student body meeting Tuesday to address fears and concerns on campus in the wake of post-election uproar across the nation.

One student in particular said she would like to celebrate the election results but fears backlash from fellow students.

Donald Trump supporter Wendi Zuccaro said she’s been threatened because of her political beliefs, which is why she now carries pepper spray on campus.

"I've been experienceing being called names. I got followed several times," Zuccaro said, describing the threats. "People will whisper behind my back and stare at me and laugh."

College President Byron Breland said the purpose of Tuesday's forum was to open a dialogue with both Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters.

"Many folks in our community have expressed some fear about what this may mean moving forward," Breland said.

Tensions ran high at moments during the meeting.

"You’re only protecting one particular group," one student said. "That’s not right, and you know it."

"That’s the attitude we’re trying to react against; trying to love not hate!" Zuccaro said.

Breland said he’s been contacted by dozens of undocumented students who fear a Trump presidency will prevent them from graduating.

Some faculty and students had advice, saying the nation as a whole needs to continue pushing for change now as there are future generations to think about.

While the many SJCC students plan to advocate for change and protest against President-elect Trump, Zuccaro hopes her fellow students will also keep an open mind.

"That’s all I'm saying," she said. "Give him a chance."

Many students at Tuesday’s meeting talked about organizing a march in protest of the election results, but no official plan was announced.

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