SJ Passengers: This is Just a Test

Airline passengers taxiing to and from runways at San Jose  International Airport this morning may notice an abundance of police and fire  vehicles taking part in a federally mandated disaster drill.

The drill will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. next to the  airport's north concourse. Airport officials say passengers inside the  airport shouldn't notice anything unusual.

The Federal Aviation Association requires airports to conduct a  full-scale drill every three years. San Jose police, fire and medical  personnel will participate, along with the Red Cross and other groups.

The drill will simulate a disaster in which a charter plane loses  control during takeoff and veers across the runway, according to the city.

Approximately 80 volunteers will stand in as displaced passengers  and injured persons.

The drill will allow the city to test communication and  disaster-response procedures that would be used during a real-life incident.

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