SJ Ponders Pot Permits via eBay

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NBC Washington, File

San Jose is moving forward with a plan to pare down its pot clubs from the estimated 110 to just 10, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Mayor Chuck Reed offered an interesting suggestion for how those permits would be handed out. He says charge an application fee and auction them off on eBay.

Reed told the Merc that he's already been to eight hearings on the pot club issue. Better make it nine.

City leaders have called for an April 12 meeting to decide how to cut back the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose and restrict where they can operate.

A recent NBC Bay Area investigation shows that there are more marijuana dispensaries in San Jose than there are 7-11s. (Normally, those establisghments would go hand in hand, one would think.)

Some medical marijuana proponents say 10 is too small a number for a city of San Jose's size. They say cities such as San Francisco and Sacramento allow three times that number.

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