SJPD: Couple Attacked by Gang Despite Suppression Efforts

San Jose police on Monday were still searching for a group of suspected gang members who attacked and robbed a couple on Sunday – this  during the first weekend that the department committed to stepping up its gang enforcement.

The couple was attacked and robbed about 3:30 p.m. Sunday at King and Story roads by a group of six alleged gang members.

Police said that the gang took the woman’s purse, and when the man tried to intervene, both were  assaulted. The man suffered a head injury and both were taken to the hospital.

The suspects took off after the attack.

David Madrid, who works with youth to keep them out of gangs,  isn’t demoralized that the first weekend of the gang prevention didn’t seem to work.

“I think anytime you increase or improve visibility you’re always going to see some deterrents to crime,” Madrid said. “I think how that is realized has still yet to be seen."

Madrid said that gang suppression has worked in the past, but in the  meantime, kids are still being recruited into gangs.

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“They’re getting younger. They’re angrier and angrier, and they’re looking for something and they’re finding it on the streets,” Madrid said.

He’s hoping that a combination of police and community efforts will make the streets safer.

“We do need the police,” Madrid said. “We need their help. We need their presence. But we also need our community to step up. We need to take back our homes.’’

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