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SJSU Police Warn Students About Group on Campus Seeking Private Information

Police this week issued a warning to students at San Jose State University about a group walking onto campus and soliciting private information.

The group's motive is unclear, police say, but students fear it might be some sort of sex club.

University police said no crime has been committed, but they are looking into what the group, primarily a woman, wants on and off campus with young females. Students have been sharing their stories on a campus social media site called the Sammy app.

"I was approached by a lady who was dressed up formally," student Grace Kim said. "She complimented my hair and asked if I was interested in more job opportunities."

A former SJSU student shared a similar story about being offered a job in an office building by a woman matching the description. That student, who did not want to be identified, recalled the woman saying, "You’re really beautiful. So you could be really successful."

"I was like, 'At a financial firm I can be really successful because I’m beautiful?'" the student recalled.

On the campus app, students are speculating the woman is luring them into some sort of sex club. There also have been invitations to a Bible club in some cases.

"As of now, we haven’t had a crime occur," said Lt. Jim Renelle of the San Jose State Police Department.

Renelle said the department isn’t sure what the exact intentions are of the woman or the group. Detectives want to talk to them and for now are warning students to keep their guard up.

"We are encouraging people to keep reporting it," Renelle said. "What we need to happen is people to report it right away instead of waiting a day or two."

In Kim's case, she gave the woman her number.

"I just remember, like, her repeatedly calling me, and I had to block her," Kim said.

In some encounters a second woman is involved, students have said. And one student posted online that a man was taking pictures of her during the encounter.

Similar encounters have been reported outside a Target store on Coleman Avenue in San Jose.

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