San Francisco

Skateboard Attack Leaves San Francisco Security Guard With Brain Damage

A skateboarded accused of beating a San Francisco security guard is expected in court Friday morning.

Jesse Vieira, 24, is in custody for assault with a deadly weapon after video shows him attacking security guard Dan Jansen on Nov. 25 in the financial district.

Security footage shows Jansen putting up barricades in place to block the boarders and they were removing them. As the guard worked, the group attacked, knocking the 57-year-old to the ground and leaving him unconscious.

Jansen’s family said the blow to the head with a skateboard changed the avid fisherman’s life forever.

"He's conscious now able to have conversations with us," said Jensen’s niece Amanda Jensen.

He needed emergency brain surgery and is now in a rehab facility where he is learning how to talk and walk again. More than a month since the attack, he still doesn’t recognize loved ones.

"He can’t walk yet, he can feed himself and is starting to brush his teeth, huge accomplishment," said Amanda.

Though the family said eight people attacked Jensen, only Vieira is in custody.

His attorney said he has the video that will prove he was not the aggressor.

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