Skype Takes Aim at Apple's FaceTime

Skype has a new CEO, a new Bay Area office, a new attitude and now a new target.

Reports have the video conferencing service coming out with guns blazing at Apple's FaceTime at the upcoming CES conference.

Skype is reportedly saying it will have a "series of video-related announcements" scheduled for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Some have pegged Skype to bring its version of video conversation to mobile phones.

The company already has apps available for the iPhone and Android systems. But the apps allow users to instant message with friends and make free  Skype to skype calls over Wi-Fi.  Users currently cannot do video chats.

Apple released its popular FaceTime video chat feature on all its new iPhone 4s, which allows iPhone users to video chat with each other when on a Wi-Fi network. The system is rumored to be coming to the next generation iPad as well.

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