Slain Councilman's Life Continues in Others

For the first time in three years, 26-year-old Keith Noble feels strong and healthy -- thanks to slain Fairfield City Councilman Matt Garcia.

Noble is one of six people to receive an organ donation from Garcia. Just days after 22-year-old Garcia was gunned down, Noble received one of his kidneys.

"It's the best feeling I ever felt in my life. It's just a remarkable feeling to wake up and just feel normal," Noble said.

Noble calls it "a guitly happiness at times" and says it's emotionally tough knowing that such a positive force in the community had to die so he could live.

"He was trying to make this a more positive good city, make it more peaceful." Noble said. "It's weird at times how everything just plays out."

Noble's grandmother says her family will forever be grateful.

"Matt is still living in the inside of others," Minnie Noble said. "We will always be in debt to that family, always."

Noble struggles for words to express how he feels about Garcia's selfless decision.

"If I could gather up every word just to say ... it's beyond a thank you." Noble said. "He blessed me with this life again to get it right."

Four people in their 60s and a 15-year-old girl also received organs from Garcia.

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