Small Fires Break Out at “The Jungle” After Homeless Camp Shuts Down

A total of three of four fires have broken out at "The Jungle," since the city of San Jose closed the nation's largest homeless encampment last week.

The most recent fires were on Monday night and early Tuesday morning along the Coyote Creek, where couches, rubbish and debris were left behind when the homeless were cleared out on Thursday, according to San Jose Fire Capt. Peter Caponio.

He wouldn't speculate how they started, but added the terrain was difficult for firefighters to access when they went down into the ravine about 4 a.m. Tuesday.

Since "The Jungle" closed, many homeless people have moved to other outdoor spots in San Jose. The city cleared out the encampment, hoping to find the estimated 200 or 300 people living there permanent or temporary housing and have spent $4 million to do so over the next two years.

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