Stephen Ellison

Small Mountain Lion Spotted Near San Mateo Home

A small mountain lion sighting was reported by a resident in San Mateo on Tuesday morning, but officers did not find the animal after checking the area, police said.

The sighting was reported at about 6:45 a.m. in the area of Fernwood Street and 31st Avenue by a woman who said the mountain lion walked out of view into a backyard and didn't act aggressive in any way, according to police.

Officers continued searching the area for the animal Tuesday morning and notified schools in the area.

It was the second sighting in the past week and the third in a month in San Mateo, all within a few miles of each other and near Hillsdale High and Abbott Middle schools.

Last week, a cougar was caught on a resident's security camera in the 400 block of Hobart Avenue.

The Bay Area Puma Project says mountain lion sightings may be happening more frequently because urban sprawl continues to spread into their habitats.

Here are some tips on what people should do when encountering mountain lions.

NBC Bay Area staff contributed to this report.

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