Smile, Thief: Startup Takes Photo From Your Stolen Phone

"Candid Camera" security software

It's a huge pain: Your cell phone is stolen, and all your personal data leaves along with it.

Typically, there are two feelings that go along with this: Fear, because your data is now in the hands of another person (with bad intentions), and anger - because someone is out there with your phone, and you'll probably never find out who it is.

Until now.

TrustGo is a Silicon Valley security software company with a way to flip the script on smartphone thieves: If they try to get into your Android phone without knowing your password, the company's "Candid Camera" software automatically takes a photo of them.  That photo is then sent to your e-mail address, along with its location.

Ha! A phone tracking device that serves itself up with a side of high-tech revenge!

TrustGo tells us that 30 million phones are lost or stolen every year. In addition to giving you ways to find your lost phone (remote alarm, GPS tracker, etc), the company now has a way to instantly tell you where your purloined phone is - and who has it.

I can hear Robert Conrad now: "Go ahead, I dare ya" to steal my smartphone.

Scott, who remembers the Eveready battery ads, is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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