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Snake Bites Hiker at Santa Clara County Park, Other Snake Spotted in Concord

Keep your eyes peeled, Bay Area hikers. As you take to the trails now that spring-like temperatures are kicking in, so are snakes.

There were at least two run-ins involving humans and snakes at two different Bay Area parks Saturday, including one instance in which a woman was bit on her finger.

According to Santa Clara County Park Ranger Will Bick, the woman was hiking with a group of friends at Joseph D. Grant County Park when she sat down to wait for the others in her group. That's when a snake bit her.

The woman had to walk about 45 minutes before being escorted by Bick to an ambulance, according to Bick. She was conscious, breathing and able to move around.

Bick said the return of warm weather means more snakes will be slithering along Bay Area hiking trails.

"If you get bit, you want to remain calm," Bick said. "You don't want to move too much because the more you move then it will cause the venom to go further into your body. You don't want to do anything like trying to suck out the venom, anything like that. The main thing is to stay calm and contact emergency medical services so we can get you the anti-venom."

Bick also encourages hikers to stay on the main hiking trails, making sure to steer clear of areas with high grass and rock piles. He also advises hikers to let others know about their exact hiking plans in the event that there is an emergency.

Snake bites at Joseph D. Grant County Park happen about once every year or once every other year, Bick said.

Over in the East Bay, a Concord police department "had a not so pleasant surprise" when he spotted a coiled snake near Boatwright Fields.

Following the run-in, the department advised the public to be careful if they are hiding or searching for eggs during Easter egg hunts on Sunday.

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