Snoop Dizzle Wants To Spark Yahoo's Fizzle

Yahoo is looking for a new CEO and if the company is smart, high up up in the job description are the words "sizzle" and "imagination."

What the company needs more than a colorful mouth that promises numbers is a young imaginative force that can deliver hits.

Fo shizzle.

Welcome in Snoop Dogg. If the opening for Yahoo's CEO position is an election, the rap industry icon has declared himself a candidate for the open position.

"Im takn over as tha CEO of Yahoo. Need sum of tha Snoop Dogg content ya digg. Nuff Said," Snoop Dogg tweeted Tuesday night.

He might be the one candidate capable of swearing more than Carol Bartz and the rapper is already taking credit for Yahoo's stock jump after Bartz's dismissal.

"My name is already raisn tha stock price of Yahoo u hear me!! Bout to call a board meeting!" He tweeted.

Just how crazy is Snoop Dogg's suggestion? Probably pretty crazy but the company no doubt is in need of something different. It is in need of a creative spark.

For years, Yahoo has been able to deliver the eyeballs to its site but it has failed to clearly define its role in the market and thus its ability to turn those eyeballs into dollar bills.


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