Snowshoe in Sequoia National Park

Wuksachi Lodge

NATURE AND COLD NOSES: However you feel about a weekend of serious cold and some moisture, you have to have a soft spot for snow in the mountains. The quiet that feels like it goes back centuries. The crackling of various branchery. More majesty than you can shake a mitten at. And it is no surprise that there's been some very cold precipitation going on to our north, around the sequoias, which means its time to slip into the really big shoes.

THE SNOWSHOES: The Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park offers the chance to tramp around in the brisk while taking in a different view of some of the largest living things on the planet (we say different view, because so many of us drive by the wonders in our cars). There are even "Monster Dino" shoes for the little adventurers. Maybe one day they'll make 'em for the really big kids, too? You can get details on prices and bookings by calling the Wuksachi Lodge.

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