Social Networking Website Nextdoor Addresses Racial Profiling Concerns

The website is accused of providing a platform for people to spread their racial bias.

A social networking site is tackling the issue of racial profiling.

The website Nextdoor is accused of providing a platform for people to spread their racial bias. The tech company's CEO in response is speaking out and sharing what he and others are doing to try and stop the problem.

"Our mission is to use technology to create stronger and safer neighborhoods," Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia said.

Some believe that mission got lost when they felt racial profiling became an issue on the Nextdoor website in Oakland's Dimond District.

"We'd see posts that say 'black man walking by too slowly.' There was a number of us that would challenge these posts. We'd say 'this is unacceptable. This is really dangerous.' Folks would write us back and say 'you're the race police.'" said Shikira Porter with Neighbors for Racial Justice.

After two years of arguing with people online, Neighbors for Racial Justice contacted Nextdoor and Oakland city council members demanding that something be done about it.

"What we've done is actually educate neighbors about what racial profiling is, which is when you are identifying someone just by their race," council member Annie Campbell Washington said.

The social networking site is making changes on how to report suspicious activity without focusing on race.

"There will be a mandatory set of forms to make sure what you are posting is accurate, is helpful and not include discriminatory language that would include racial profiling," Tolia said.

Tolia also said the change is only a first step, but believes it is a step in the right direction.

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