Solano County

Solano County Officials Uncover 38,000 Marijuana Plants

Solano County sheriff's officials said Thursday that a drug enforcement team has found and eradicated more than 38,000 marijuana plants on Ryer Island just west of the J-Mack Ferry since last month.

The street value of the plants found at five large grow sites is approximately $114 million, according to the sheriff's office.

More than 10,130 plants were found along a 3-mile stretch of an irrigation canal in June and 28,000 more plants were found over the past few days, sheriff's officials said.

The plants were growing without permission on private property and the landowner suffered multiple acres in lost or damaged crops. The growers have not been identified and there have been no arrests, according to the sheriff's office.

The large, illegal grows are a threat to public safety that can lead to violence, and the chemicals and pesticides used by the growers drain into irrigation ditches and spread to other nearby crops, sheriff's officials said.

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