Solano County Reports First Known Flu and COVID-19 Co-Infection in the Bay Area

Patient diagnosed with both coronavirus and the seasonal flu is between 20 and 65 and works in health care

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Solano County health officials confirmed the first case of flu and COVID-19 co-infection in the county Thursday after health leaders have been telling people for weeks to get their flu shots. 

The patient diagnosed with both coronavirus and the seasonal flu is between the ages 20 and 65 and works in the health care sector, a county official confirmed Friday.

“Having COVID-19 and the flu basically means someone has a higher risk of developing complicated symptoms,” said Jose Caballero from Solano County Health Services.

Symptoms that can be confusing because it is almost impossible for residents or even a doctor to determine if they have COVID-19 or the flu.

That’s scary for John Navarra who is worried about keeping his family healthy.

“We’re living in a time if you have a cold or runny nose or headache you think the worst ‘oh man I might have COVID,’ and you go get tested,” the Vallejo resident said. 

Medical professionals say that’s the best thing you can do.

“That's why it’s so important to get a COVID test if you feel you’ve been exposed. Also go and get your flu shot to make sure you have some protection,” said Caballero.

It takes two weeks for the flu shot to become effective.

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