Solano County Sheriff's Deputies Wrangle, Offer ‘Verbal Counseling' to Llama on the Lam

A llama caused some drama in Vacaville on Monday.

After the animal got loose from its pasture, two deputies with the Solano County Sheriff's Office were forced to "think outside the box to coax this llama out of the roadway."

Dashcam video posted on the Solano County Sheriff's Office Facebook page using an orange rope to corral the llama back onto the field. 

"They things they don't you in the academy ... llama wrangling," deputies quipped.

Four other llamas watched the interaction in rapt attention. 

The video also shows one of the deputies escorting the llama back to the field, while the other deputy followed in a car.

The llama was reunited with the rest of its herd after "verbal counseling," deputies wrote.

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