Some Peninsula Residents Face $43 per Month Garbage Rate Hike

City council approves huge rate hike for garbage pick-up.


Taking out the trash is about to get a lot more expensive in Atherton.

The city council approved a steep garbage rate increase Wednesday night and it may be the first of a string of increases.

Under the new plan, residents will see a roughly 39-percent increase on their monthly bill. The San Jose Mercury News says rates will go up as follows:

  • 20-gallon cans: from $17.30 to $20.
  • 32-gallon cans: from $27.70 to $44
  • 64-gallon cans: from $55.40 to $83
  • 96-gallon cans: from $82.20 to $125

The council also approved a $5 fee for each additional green waste container a household uses.

Atherton is just one of 10 cities on the Peninsula raising rates. They have to because of a new labor agreement and a $10.8 million debt it owes its previous garbage hauler.

The city council says despite the rate hikes, it will still end up owing money at the end of the year.

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