Oakland Police Arrest Two, Take Gun During SWAT Standoff

An ongoing standoff in Oakland yielded several people surrendering to police early Wednesday, and two formal arrests.

A witness told NBC Bay Area the warehouse involved at 1530 East 12th Street was a spot for raves and gambling with dice.

By 10 a.m., Oakland police said two people had been arrested, and someone had been shot and treated for his or wounds. What the arrests were for was not disclosed. Neither were the identities of those arrested.

In addition to the arrests, police said a total of 12 people were removed from the warehouse.

The incident, part of which was captured on video, was first reported at 3:50 a.m. Video shows at least six young people, including a woman, sitting on the curb with their hands behind their back before 6 a.m. Other video shows a man in white shorts and a young woman walking backwards out of the house with their hands up. SWAT teams came later in the morning to assist.

In a statement, police said a gun and a replica gun were taken from the house.

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