race for a vaccine

Some Tips That Could Help You Find a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

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Slowly but surely, the COVID-19 vaccine supply is increasing, but so is demand now that every Californian 16 or older is eligible to get vaccinated.

The good news is as the number of doses increases, more people are able to make appointments, especially at the pharmacy sites, like Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, fairly early in the morning. The bad news is by early afternoon most of those appointments are taken.

Here are some more tips that could help you land an appointment:

  • When looking for an appointment online, enter your personal data right away, if you can, so when you find an open slot, you can grab it.
  • Don't be afraid to lean on your social network. We found several open appointments in Facebook chatrooms, with people telling us what works and when they were able to find shots.
  • The biggest tips continue to be patience and persistence, unless you're up for a drive. A 3-hour or 4-hour trip could net you an appointment quickly until more appointments open up locally.
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