Something's Going Down at D.C. Madam's House

There's a lot of history in this house

A price cut and an escort service in the same thought? What? Is there a deal here?

Well, yes, but not on the merchandise. It's more like the scene of the crime is up for sale and the price just went down.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey's Vallejo home is on the market and like so many other properties these days, its price was recently axed.

Maybe the name doesn't ring a bell. Remember the D.C. Madam? Right, that was Palfrey. She was convicted in May 2008 for running a prostitution service catering to Washington's elite. She hanged herself just two weeks after the conviction.

Palfrey originally wanted $1 million for her 1865 two-story Greco-Italian style home but, "that was way, way too much." Realtor Corrine Oakes told the Vallejo Times Herald.

The new asking price for the restored historic abode is $290,940 -- nearly half a million less than it was listed for in 2007.

A couple of people have looked at the house, according to Katherine Schuster, the property's listing agent. Schuster says people are interested in the home more because of its historic value than its famous owner.

Palfrey spent two years restoring the home, winning it an award from the city in 2006 and special recognition as one of the city's 10 residential landmarks. She lived in Vallejo for 16 years but was somewhat of a recluse to her neighbors and avoided contact with locals.

She didn't have many ties to Vallejo. Seems she spent most of her time in D.C. acting as a listing agent of a whole different kind.

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