Sonoma Man Is Subject of Famous Beatles Photo

Ringo Starr has found his man -- in Sonoma County

One of those teenagers staring at the Beatles is now a 67-year-old Sonoma resident.

Ringo Starr wanted to find it out more about him, so the Beatles drummer, 73, went on a worldwide search for the names of the six then-teenagers he photographed on an American highway in 1964, according to the Bergen Record.

Ringo is putting together a book of photographs -- called "Photograph" -- and wanted some information for his captions, the newspaper reported.

Such as: Who were the six teens who pulled up alongside the Beatles' limosine that day in 1964 when screaming Beatlemania was at its zenith?

Or, in other words, "They’re looking at us, and I’m photographing them," as Ringo describes the encounter.

Turns out the photo was taken after the Beatles had landed in New York City to play on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Charlie Schwartz, 67, was one of six teenagers from Fair Lawn High School in New Jersey to cut class and go to the airport for a glimpse at the rock stars.

He's in the photo at right, with his hand over his mouth.

As he tells it, the teens were turned away from the airport and were on their way home when they encountered the Beatles' motorcade. It was Ringo who rolled down the window at 50 mph -- and began snapping photos.

The media discovered it was him following a nationwide fan search -- Ringo has yet to contact him, he says.

Having Schwartz's name in the book also at last proves to the world that the former bartender's favorite rock and roll encounter story was in fact true, the newspaper reported.

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