Sony Unveils Its Two-Headed Would-Be IPad Killer

Defying the recent setbacks in domestic technology component manufacturing, Japan's Sony has just announced its own entry into the newly competitive tablet space.

Dubbed the PC S2 and PC S1, and powered by Google's Android operating system 3.0, the devices offer two different takes on the tablet category.

Although both play PlayStation games and are equipped with WiFi and 3G/4G, the PC S2 comes in a clamshell dual 5.5-inch display format, while the 9.4-inch display PC S1 more closely resembles its iPad competitor. Although one could be tempted to label this effort as too little too late, the fact that Sony already has a vast ecosystem of digital content and companion hardware devices (in the case of some Sony televisions the tablets will act as controllers) could actually give the company the competitive advantage against the likes of Samsung with its Galaxy Tab. Scheduled for release this fall, Sony has yet to reveal exact details on pricing for the devices.

Via Sony

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