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South Bay Dry Cleaners See Business Boom as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

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We all hear the numbers including COVID-19 case rates, infection rates and vaccination rates.

But sometimes, the most significant signs of things getting back to normal are the real-world signs.

For example, things picking up for dry cleaning businesses that rely on people getting ready for work.

Devid Ishaya, owner of Holiday Cleaners in San Jose told NBC Bay Area that his business is booming because so many people need to clean up.

"So, a lot of people are bringing back their clothes,” he said. “They're no longer in their pajamas as they used to be."

Several customers who were dropping off items said they haven't pulled out of the closet in months. This includes trying to look good hitting the road to get back to work or going out to eat.

"I think a lot of people want to go out and have fun, they want to go out and take advantage of restaurants, but also people want to get out of their drab clothes and put on something nice,” said Dr. Keith Chow of San Jose.

San Jose resident Sharon Barrientos told NBC Bay Area she had a different reason why she went to the dry cleaners.

"For me, in my case, I have to go back to work and have to start dressing up better than I was doing at home," she said.

With so many customers coming back, Ishaya is investing in his business.

"There was a surge that we had,” he said. “So, I had to prepare and get more equipment to handle all the work that is coming now."

As people get back to business, many people are likely going to notice some changes with their daily routine.

"How you're dressed or how you go about it might change, because we're gonna be coming off. By the time we wean ourselves off this, having to course correct really quickly," said Finn Faldi, President of TeamViewer.

Perhaps the best news for Ishaya is his business at Holiday Cleaners has jumped 40% in the last month alone.

Ishaya said he can not only bring back the employees he had to let go earlier in the pandemic, but he also will have to hire a few more.

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