South Bay Gun Buyback Nets 1,116 Guns

For the first time in weeks, a Bay Area gun buyback ended with cash left over

Hundreds of people turned out to turn in their firearms for cash Saturday in San Jose.

The Santa Clara County Anonymous Gun Buy Back Program was held at the fairgrounds from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

People received cash for guns with no questions asked.

Officers handed out $100 for each handgun, shotgun and rifle. Each assault weapon got $200.

Saturday event has a starting budget of $150,000.  

In the end, the Santa Clara County sheriff's department said they received 1,116 guns. They gave out about $114,0000, which means they had money left over. 

Other gun buyback programs have run out of cash in recent weeks here in the Bay Area and across the country as the number of people wanting to turn in guns outnumbered the amount of funds on hand.

Gun statistics:

  •          1,116 total firearms collected        
  •          47 assault weapons
  •          479 handguns
  •         355 rifles and 235 shotguns


Cash payout statistics:

  •           $114,000 total payout at the event
  •          $1,500 - highest single payout (for 15 guns)
  •          $50 -  lowest single payout
  •         $200 - average payout by vehicle
  •         $102 -  average payout per gun
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