South Bay Passenger Frustrated Over $452 Uber Fare

A South Bay man is asking ride-sharing service Uber to reduce his fare after he was charged $452 for a 30-minute, 12-mile ride.

Rafael Hernandez, a San Jose, California, resident, used the Uber service Saturday after the San Jose Sharks game at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. He said he opted for Uber, knowing surge pricing was in effect, due to the light rail being overcrowded.

"I was in shock," Hernandez said after seeing how much he owed.

Hernandez reached out to Uber asking for a price reduction. A representative suggested to always get a fare estimate and wait for surge pricing to end.

"The Uber app was created to give riders a safe, reliable option to move around town at the tap of a button," the company said in a statement. "Dynamic pricing makes it possible for Uber to meet that same standard for reliability, even during times of high-demand."

Hernandez said Uber may be reliable, but it's not reasonable. He adds that he no longer plans to use the service.

"I would recommend to not use Uber at big event because that's what I did -- and I learned the hard way," Hernandez said.

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