South Bay Rocks for Cesar Chavez

The Voices of Latin Rock jam for charity

They call themselves the "Voices of Latin Rock".

In reality, they're the blood vessel for this music genre.

Jorge Santana strokes his guitar like few can.

San Francisco rocker Abel Sanchez knows a thing or two about guitars.

And Richard Bean  brings his soothing lyrics to  " Love the Way", and "Suavecito".

It all came together inside the Vault Ulrta Lounge in downtown San Jose.

The performers reunited for a taping of NBC Bay Area's Comundiad Del Valle.

The half hour program was dedicated to the legacy of the late civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.

Chavez's nephew, Rudy Chavez Medina,  was also part of the festivities, sharing his thoughts on the legacy of Chavez.

So the "Voices of Latin Rock" jammed for one night, honoring a man who brought worker rights to farm laborers everywhere.

The melodies they played can be traced back to the 70's and 80's - lyrics that are still requested at radio stations across the country.

With them were the percussionist for WAR, and the guitarist for the Bay Area band MALO.

In a lighter moment, Jorge Santana jokingly describes how difficult it was for his brother, Carlos Santana, to live in Jorge's shadow.

Comunidad Del Valle will broadcast this fascinating performance on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. on NBC Bay Area.   

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