South Bay Seeing Increase in Salmonella Cases

Doctors are seeing an increase in the number of salmonella cases in the South Bay.

Santa Clara County Public Health doctors are investigating 18 clusters of salmonella -- most reported this summer and one involved 65 people statewide.

Salmonella has been found in a wide variety of food, including sesame pasta, cucumbers, peanut butter, mangoes, cantaloupe and chicken. Many of the cases are found in eggs, which is why doctors say you should not eat raw eggs in salad dressing, mayonanaise and cookie dough.

Officials also highlight one of the biggest problems to be cross contamination.

For example, a knife used to cut an unwashed cantaloupe can transfer salmonella on the outside to the inside of the melon. Officials also recommend washing the cutting board with warm water and soap after preparing meat.

More tips and information in Marianne Favro's video report above.

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